Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I pick door # 1

what's in your closet? Do you have a little door for a big space? I DID! Blew that door off & look what I found. Tons of storage space outfitted with Ikea wire shelves.
now when I want fabric I can pull out a drawer find what I want and push it back. no more stacks of plastic bins to pull from under the sewing table. I am thrilled with my new storage systems.the plastic tower in between the wire shelves hold thread, fabric paint, crayons, markers, pastels, pencils with room to spare. Remember H. when you & your sister thought going to a store called Solutions was soooooo lame?!! who loves Ikea now?!!!!
The only problem now is I have empty drawers to fill!!!

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Anonymous said...

Too Awesome! I put my pc (dinosaur one) in my closet with a bookshelf beside it (sideways mostly for storage). PC is on an ikea desk with the printer under. It leaves my whole studio for scrap booking and my new easel(well unused in last 7 or so months--OH the shame!) 300 buckeroos just sittin there-- that Charles surprised me with. (too GORGEOUS to use 'til I treat it with bee's wax furniture paste--which I hafta find. There's an apiary near Nana's and Papa's).

I should take pics of my studio and send em to you. (As soon as I clean it, lol)

:0) mel