Tuesday, July 14, 2015

summer in The County

The County as in Prince Edward County, or PEC.
My first encounter was long, long ago. My very first job off the family farm but I'll save that story for another day.
Decades and decades later, I find my self back there with a wonderful husband and a summer home or two. Our weekends tend to follow the same pattern, not by design but in a natural easy going way.
We awake to the birds chirping early, very early. A warm-up coffee and breakfast of fresh local fruit on the patio.

 Then a leisurely drive, trying to travel on new roads each outing, with a keen interest whenever we see a "FOR SALE" sign.

The County has a summer sport, residents list their properties and wanna-be residents dream of owning those properties. Some transactions actually take place.

The reward on the outings are wonderful displays of wild flowers. In the spring miles of lilacs in every shade of purple. Now daylilies are putting on a good show.

 and in certain areas the hollyhocks will take your breath away.