Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I like needlefelted work but prefer if all those little holes are not visible. Beryl Taylor always writes clear, concise instructions for projects that have such visual interest & depth. Her latest is in the Jan/Feb 08 issue of cloth, paper, scissors.
I had started working on my felt piece for Carmi's swap with a plaid mohair scarf. I bought the scarf at the Toronto Clothing Show but found it too itchy to wear. It was felted onto wool felt and felted to a piece of cotton velvet. circle of wooly yarn punched in & painted fusible ironed on.this is what it looked like at that point.
many more layers- copper & blue foil, punched sheer from an old skirt, a sprinkle of bo-nash & a layer of orange chiffon. then machine stitched, sliced & diced & the edges finished with yarn.
when I was cutting it up I realized it looks like rust or patinaed copper. Is patina a verb or a noun? both?
as a bonus the back looks great too.
this is the front scanned

and the back


Melissa M. M. M. said...

This is incredibly beautiful! I wish you lived next door so I could come over and pester you to teach me all of your astounding tricks! :0) Mel

Maggie R said...

I find your work interesting. I am just starting to get into the felting. Got me a Babylock Embellisher and have done a couple of journal covers. Going to try some FAP's and ATC's.
I see you are in Toronto. I am just down the road in Ingersoll. Can't remember if I touched base with you before!!!! There are a few of us Ontarions here.
Anyway, hope you are enjoying the wintee.... I'm not!! I just hopw that groundhog is not lying again this year!!!! I vote for an early spring~!\