Tuesday, January 22, 2008

extreme gleaning

I admire the work of Mary Fogg. I was fortunate enough to see one IRL at the quiltart 20 show at the Burlington Arts Centre.
While tidying up my work surface in the studio I decided either use em lose em. That lovely fuzzy first strip cut off a piece of washed fabric. Sew horizontally on a background with a pice of batting about journal size.
They became a lovely way to document the fabrics used in a piece and remind me of the exercise we did in Katie PM class

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Melissa M. M. M. said...

Ouuuuu!!! This is SOOOO pretty. This would make the world's most beautiful covering for a sketchbook or journal. We should go into business together. Okay... here's the plan. C & I move there, then you and I find a financial backer. Open a studio-slash-store which we can fill with supplies from around the world from our different vacations & then write books on the side. Deal? OXOXO