Saturday, May 12, 2007

fast & finished

I'm trying to work freer, faster & funkier. No measuring, no matching just fun. Start with a favourite fabric - Kaffe Fassett - cut out a hole, back with water soluble stablizer & stitch back & form, change threads. as long as all the threads intersect they will still be there when the stablizer is washed away.
PS how do you spell stablizer? stabalizer?

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Lenna said...

Maggie, of course I love it! I often work like this, meaning I work rather quickly & I'm quite free with what I do or add while I am working. Probably because I am not from a traditional quilt background, but more a fabric-mixed-media one! I would love to see it with the sta·bi·liz·er washed away (I looked it up!).
I enjoy your work very much, Lenna