Thursday, October 24, 2013

You paid what for your new lamp!

I can't decide what my favourite score was on our recent thrifting trip. But this white lamp is a definite contender. I'm auditioning it in various spots. I think it might live on my bedside table.
The shade was borrowed from another lamp. The diameter is fine I think but it should be a bit longer.
Anyone else find shopping for lamp shades really trying?

 I have had the poster for a few years. Try decades. It is from an exhibit at the ROM called Silk Roads -China Ships.

Oh ya, the price. SIX bucks. Cha-Ching!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thanksgiving thrifting road trip....wait til you see what we got

Have you ever enjoyed something so much that you immediately want to turn it into a tradition?
Many of you were enjoying Thanksgiving traditions last weekend- spending time with family, reflecting on life and the many things to be thankful for, and food of course.

We had our turkey a few weeks ago, family was busy elsewhere so we booked an Inn in Connecticut and hit the road. Three pieces of small furniture, two lamps and one large wooden box later we are home.

My weakness is for picture frames, well really chairs, but they take up too much room. I bought these for the frames but one I might keep as is. Guess which one!

This guy is called Pope Innocent by Velazquez.
This is some pressed flowers by Kathy to her grandparents done in 1971.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

BlogPodium recaps

Like many Blog Podium attendees my mind is still buzzing from everything I heard. everyone has shared their experiences on these brilliant blog posts.

For starters it was just great fun. So much different than all the professional conferences I have attended over the years.
I've come to think of  that part of my life as being black and white and the rest is beautiful living colour.

Sarah Richardson's speech was fabulous. She shared some of her secrets to success which aren't secrets at all.  Work hard, stay focused, be true to yourself, build relationships, take risks, keep moving forward.
Ideas more specific to design include have  a point of view, have checks and balances, have a signature style, make a space memorable with history and soul and don't forget to add some whimsy.
No wonder we all love her work. She mentioned this Makeover is being published for the fourth time.

The bathroom vanity was $200 from Pier 1.
I have the same mirror in our bathroom painted a different green. I had the builders leave their standard icky mirror off and we put this one up instead.
It was nice to hear from Sarah herself there is nothing wrong with cheap if it is good. That is my mantra for the cottage.