Monday, February 22, 2010

bad bad blogger

for having neglected my blog. taking without obligation too far. but I'm back.
still creating- actually had a few large projects last year so I will try to keep up & catch up at the same time.
During that time I have realized the value of story. like the song says 'everyone's got a story'. and that is becoming more important to my work.
this is a 12" square I made for the Greenbelt Quilt of Possibilites to be unveiled at the Greenbelt 5th anniversary Celebration at the Royal Ontario Museum Wed Mar 3.

It was from a small family B&W photo of my Dad with his truck on the Holland Marsh. The cab of the trunk is from the photo enlarged & printed on fabric. I coloured it with inks. This truck was red but I remember our next truck which was larger and was green. the green monster is what my Dad called it.

I'm really please how it turned out and am looking forward to seeing it in the finished quilt.

good to be back


Elizabeth said...

I love what you ahve done on this piece!! be sure to share the finished quilt!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog- I see that we share a love for textiles and collage!!! Would love to live in your part of the world!!
Best !

Chaya Erez said...

But the wait was well worth it. Great piece!