Wednesday, March 11, 2009

we have a show

'We' are Fibre Arts Toronto - sounds special & we are FAT for short!
Four people with a common interest in all things textile. Our show is at the North York Central Library of the world's largest library system -Toronto Public Library - up the stairs to the meeting rooms.
you can see some pictures here

things I learned hanging our very first show.
Hanging stuff with fishing line is crazy - don't try it.
bring a level - everyones' idea of straight is different.
that blue sticky stuff teachers have works wonders.
things will take about three times longer than expected!
people will touch your work - doesn't matter how many 'DO NOT TOUCH' signs you put up!
people will think you are wonderfully creative and talented and brilliant!! and isn't that the point!!

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Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Heeheeeheee fat for short. I am fat but not short muhahahahahaha. ;o) Wish I could come to your show!!!