Tuesday, February 03, 2009

messenger bag

I made this cute bag from a felted sweater & navy wool felt. The pattern is from Betz's Warm & Fuzzies. The felt is fused to the sweater bits on the strap & flap. This gives the strap real body & should stand up to real use & abuse!
she also has a new book coming out any day now called Sew Green
I love all things green!!


Kate said...

Oh I love this, beautiful and functional. Are patterns to make a messenger bag readily available, like with a national pattern company? I think I'd like to make one.



Jennie Nash said...

Maggie! We have to connect! You came to my blog, Meet Your Muse, and wanted to read the chapter of my book The Only True Genius in the Family. I came to visit you but can't find an email. I'd love you to contibute to my blog, and I'd love to send you my chapter. Email me at jennie.nash@verizon.net. Cheers, Jennie Nash

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Stunning! I love the fuzziness of it and the colours are so rich. I always wanted to make something out of old cashmere sweaters. I need to get off my butt & learn to sew. Well I guess I'd still be sittin on my butt at a sewing machine, hehe but at least I'd have sewn things, LOL. I wanna try and hem my sheer fancy fabric for curtains. Think I will do it by hand since I don't have the right needle in my 80 yr old machine... Hugs n kisses, Gabby absentee neice OXOXOXO