Friday, June 27, 2008

new class sample

2 shots of my latest quilt top. I'll be teaching this class in the fall. Its a pattern called Knotted Bouquet by Shawna Case of Quilter's Clutter in Alberta - I'm not doing the bouquet applique part on the outer border - why because I don't want to - yes that is the sound of a grown woman ( H. E. double hockey sticks - grown? nudging on half a century old ) stomping her feet like a 3 year old!! I just don't wanna!!!
I really enjoyed doing it. I love the secondary pattern created by the four blocks. To me that is the magic of quilt design - those secondary patterns.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

quilting community

This wonderful craft/art/skill of quilting has always generated so much more than comfort cloths. building community. From quilting bees with generations sitting side by side to the internet we connect over fabric and thread. blogs have made it easy for everyone to share their journey.
The hottest place right now is Quilting Gallery. Add YOUR blog & watch the numbers grow.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

saying something

with that vocabulary was interesting. more cutting & sewing. Robin next to me, is an experienced Nancy Crow workshop student. She cut her units directly from the fabric & made a beautiful piece. Kim worked quietly in a corner space and has her thoughts and work posted in her blog.
my strips were large so there was no 'unit' without additional sewing & construction.
4 was enough! After trying all the predictable stuff -Nancy helped me with this setting.
I like it. 2 full days of work plenty of blood sweat & tears went into this little piece.

Monday, June 02, 2008

creating vocabulary

lots of the fabrics I took to Nancy Crow's workshop were used to create vocabulary. Fabric was cut freehand with curves and waves and sewn into sets. Here are mine
It was very interesting to see everyone's work. I understood what we were doing on an intellectual basis but actually doing it made me really get it. I understood it on a visceral level. I know even if we all started with the same fabrics they would still be very different at the end.