Friday, May 23, 2008

the universe answers

so the satellite radio thing. I understood what the Boss was saying -500 channels and nothin' on! There is a XM satellite station for every genre and sub-genre of music- the names of the stations tell all - Chrome, waterfall, audio vision, Willie's place, beyond Jazz not to mention the sports and traffic stations!!
I got a repetative injury from hitting the scan button for hours on end. what did I settle on? comedy and Oprah.
Is it possible to OD on Oprah & friends - absolutely!!
I learned Gayle talks alot - alot about her kids, Peter Walsh's voice is very annoying and Dr. Oz could get a job on the comedy station when he wants to give up surgery- he was very funny discussing ED.
I did listen to Michael Losier discuss the Law of Attraction. My family has practiced this for years - we just didn't know it had a fancy name! It has become a ritual on the way to a thrift store or garage sale to state what you want to find. red shoes, Lego pieces, garden tools. and lo & behold it is there waiting for you!!
I'm still waiting to find one of Nancy Crow's book at a Value Village!!
so I think it is possible to get what you want before the idea solidifies in your mind & thoughts.
Many art quilters dye their own fabrics. I've done this once and it was a lot of fun but realize it would be a big commitment of supplies and time to do it on a big scale.
At the YHQG annual sewing room sale I met Joyce Seagram and purchased bags, many bags of her hand dyed fabric scraps. I was asked several times at Nancy's if I know Joyce. DO NOW!
so I get to play with a large selection of hand dyed fabric without dying everything in site. I can't dye my hair without getting dye everywhere!! so thanks universe for sending me what I wanted before I knew I wanted it.

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Mel M. M. M. said...

Hand-dyed fabrics without dyed-hands COOL! :0)