Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sold and Bought

what a thrill to sell a piece of work I made. this was on display at the Ultimate Sewing Centre and someone liked it enough to want to buy it. many messages later it is sold.
I changed the binding to match the border and it looks much more sophisticated now.
Money comes and goes all the time but firsts should be recognized. whether it is from babysitting or your first job or as in this case your first sale - that money can and should be used to commemorate the event.
I used some of my sale moula to buy this laptop tote. made by Canadian designer Jonathan Chang under the JoJo label. see it reviewed here
who knows one day I may even post to this very blog from a coffee shop. Is Timmy's WiFi? no eh? I'll have to learn to order coffee at that other place. My java of choice is DD. and that is not my cup size!! (XL if you insist)

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Mel M. M. M. said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! for you! I'm not surprised: You are ultra awesome. Love your tote (which pattern/colour did you get?) Mmmm I want a Timmy's now, better go make coffee, lol. :0) Smooches, mel