Monday, December 17, 2007

snow day

Here in Southern Ontario we had a good winter storm over the weekend with lots of snow. at least a couple of feet. the best part is getting to stay indoors all day guilt free (well yes this is something I do at least once a week - most Sundays and occasionally from Friday am through to Monday am.)
A good change to finish a few projects for Christmas gifts. There is very little chance the recipient will see this as she has a strong dislike for computers and wouldn't own one except she is in college. Yup we are talking about my youngest daughter. I won't have to ban her from the blog like some people!!
anywho this is a little wallhanging for my tree-loving daughter.

A piece of hand-dyed fabric from my course in Kingston last summer. The centre stitching is machine embroidered from a design made on 4D Sketch by Laura Kemshall from her journal Thr3fold.
It may look familiar as it is very similar to the pillow Laura made for Quilting Arts magazine.
I don't have very much hand-dyed fabric so I used a commercial fabric for the binding. I like the way it looks like looking up through a tree full of leaves. there is a tiny bit of bronzy gold in the binding that ties into the painted leaves.


Anonymous said...

Maggie, this is gorgeous! Beautiful job...

Pokey Bolton

Melissa M. M. M. said...


This is SOOOOOOO gorgeous. She'll LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Love from the blog-banning some person