Thursday, October 25, 2007

shopping in US

There's a lot of noise in the media about people trying to buy cars in the US now that our buck is worth a few more pennies than the greenback. I don't want to buy a car I just want more fabric! what quilter doesn't!! I dodn't realize how much cheaper fabric is in the US until last summer when I went to QBL. Johnnie in my class recommended zandsfabrics . The I had a look there was a 10% discount on everything so I figured - as good a time as any.
Its fun shopping in the comfort of your own home. I knew some of the lines I wanted so there were no surprises there. some fabrics were on sale. My only limit was 18 yards for $23 shipping. My parcel arrived yesterday. No taxes,no duty, no additional brokerage fees. so ya wanna know eh?!

WITH shipping

under $6.45 per yard!!! not bad eh? A neat little box - every piece of fabric folded and stacked perfectly, wrapped with a strip of fabric.The packing slip has a little colour picture of each fabric in order to make checking it off so easy.
these last 2 on the left go with this collection of fabrics

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Melissa McCarthy said...

Ouuuuuuu so cool! Wish we could go shoppin together! (You for fabric; me for paper. muahahaha! OXOXO mel