Monday, August 13, 2007

my piece from Carol's class

This is my piece from Carol's class. I worked in the hall of the new air-conditioned automotive lab- huge windows and the coolest seats - old car seats including the seatbelts. Gave me & Carol a great spot to evaluate the work. I made many many components. did a quick sketch after the first day. On day 2 made made more components with additional colours and fabrics. when things don't go well why do we throw in more of what doesn't work? I did serious editing - out came lots of components and colours. I needed a structure to build on - something to respond to - If Myrna could hear me now!! so this is where I restarted.


Anonymous said...

Dear Maggie,

One of your beautiful ATCs arrived here today. When I saw yours on your blog site and again on Lenna's swap site, I was hoping I would receive one of yours. And it's even better in person! I've been wanting to try your background technique...perfect with the flowers,stems and leaves you attached. Love it!
Thank you!!
(I can't find an email address for you.)

Bev (a fellow Canadian, Victoria, B.C.)

Melissa M.M.M. said...

This is awesome. Wish I could quilt.

OXO mel