Wednesday, August 22, 2007

burn baby burn

another fun weekend in Kingston at St. Lawrence College playing with fabric & stitch.
used my painted fabric & covered it will rows of sheers. then zapped it with the heat gun. them sliced & diced and woven with the hand dyed. Its so funny at every stage other classmates where like, oh my your gonna do WHAT?! its only fabric people. repeat after me 'its only fabric'. It had a long way to go. I have to sew down the rows may with more sheers to zap then cut open the darker parts & roll them back to reveal the fabric underneath.
dets on this one to follow


Melissa M.M.M. said...

YOU ROCK! I love reading your posts. They are NEVER boring. I always miss you like crazy when I read 'em tho. Sighhhhhhh.

I ran across this blog that I thought you might find interesting:
She does really neat things with fabric and paper & embelishments.

OXO mel

Melissa M. M. McCarthy said...

Come to think of it, I DO burn fabric. That's how I keep all of my ribbon from fraying: I use a lighter to singe the ends! :0)

Miss you, Hope you are having a lovely wee vacation (have you left yet?)