Friday, April 13, 2007

business cards

For me there will always be things that say I am a grown-up. The first was keys- maybe it was growing up in a house that didn't even have a lock - but having my own set of keys was a very big deal. Then it was business cards- I still think its cool when I give out my business card & I do it many times each day. Now I have these!!!

Business cards sounds too formal and stuffy for these lovely new cards I had made recently. They are called Moo cards and are about half the size of a regular business card. about the size of a piece of gum, Juicy fruit gum. Juicy cards? fun cards? play cards? contact cards? PLEASE VISIT MY BLOG CARDS?!!
The photos are from various projects I've done - you pick the photos you want printed from your Flickr album and the back has up to 6 lines for printed information.
Next thing you know I will be sitting in a coffee shop working on my laptop!!


StegArt said...

Funny post! The cards look quite impressive.

Altered Belly said...

Yes, I am groovin on moo cards, too. I have some and they are great as business cards.

Waseem said...

these look quite impressive..i wish to design same Metal business cards.

Business Cards said...

I love your business cards design.
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