Friday, May 19, 2006

Long weekend

Ah! the first long weekend. Are there any sweeter words for Canadians? It's here. Victoria Day or better know as May 2-4!
For many people this is also opening weekend at the cottage. What do we do?-it starts early in the week- the chat 'are you going to the cottage?' then - the lists- things to pack, things to buy, food to make, toys to entertain children on the drive up. The drive-Oh yes a million of us will be leaving the GTA to head 'up north'. And all trying to beat their all time best for getting there-Hours of traffic, rising prices of gas, hundreds of OPP officers pulling over the stupidest of us- Thank you to those who have to work the 'long weekend'.
to find what? -that's the suprise element - large and small. From trees that have fallen to droppings mice have left.
how do we spend this wonderful time? raking leaves,cleaning, putting in docks, fighting to get the water running, entertaining restless children when it pours, cleaning up the mud those kids trapse in after the rain stops. hunting mosquitos, applying sunscreen. Convincing those men in our lives that yes they do need more sunscreen on their heads than last year!! counting blackfly bites. estimating the costs of long overdue repairs.
why? you ask why? for this-
Photo from Patti's entry in my Circle Journal - a Day in the Country -permission granted!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006



This is my entry for a new collaborative art journal called artwords.
The topic of a Circle Journal I'm participating in from Scraptivity is Indulge Me. Since that is the opening artword I've used my recent entry for the CJ.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Magnolia tree

Spring brings such fleeting changes. The colours change daily as the trees and plants grow & stretch from a long winter. I love the magnolia tree in our front yard. The blossoms this year just seemed to pop open overnight. They have been out for over a week and won't last too much longer. The lovely waxy green leaves will fill out the tree like an umbrella and shade the front of the house.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

mesh tote

I had such fun yesterday helping 4 terrific ladies start & finish their embroidered totes at Joyce's Studio. Each bag is as unique & different as the creator. Ann was the first to finish as usual - so I'm told - she has a very free & colourful style. Bright random flowers and colourful stripes.

Barb's beach is lovely & fresh with the white mesh, simple outline embroidery to match the seashells on the fabric. A hat, sunscreen, sandals & she is ready for the sun.
Sue's butterfly fabric is complimented by the swirl of embroidery done in varigated thread. It looks so much different than on the spool. She did a terrific job and made a gorgeous bag.

Rose made a beautiful bag with blue and pink flowers and a lovely striped accent. It is so nice to see everyone comfortable mixing different patterns of fabric. A variety of scale and textures makes everything so much more interesting. I hope you enjoy your totes ladies. I enjoyed our time together.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

driftwood art

Nature provides an endless source of wonder & fascination. I love watching the earth come to life in spring. The thick spears of hosta piercing their way to the light. The beautiful shades of pink in a magnolia blossom. The endless shades of green.
The earth also provides all our raw material for art. The gleaner in me really appreciates the variety of driftwood sculpted by water & time. I have resisted starting another collection. There is a book that is new to me on creating with driftwood. but the most amazing think are these sculptures created by Heather Jansch. gorgeous animals including life size horses.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My bad

We have a winner.
The song I have always had in mind while working on this piece was Blackbird singing on the edge of night take this GOLDEN wing & learn to fly. By Sarah Mclaughlin
Apparently this is a song written by Paul McCartney of Beatles fame. I feel like such a young 'un!! I don't even know if I've ever heard the Beatles version!!
So ...drum roll.......the winner is Nadine- the very talented & funny secretary & grand poo-bah of twisted stitchers quilting guild. 6 fat quarters of fabric are headed her way.
Thanks to all for playing along.

Sing me a song

This is fun.....
So far the guesses for the name of the song for my quilt have included:
bye, bye blackbird
24 blackbirds backed in a pie
ribbon in the sky
blackbird singing by the Beatles
If I was a blackbird
Mocking Bird Song

The blackbird part is right.
I had to give her a haircut. You can see why I don't cut my own or anyone else's!!