Saturday, April 29, 2006

Opening Day

Baseball started a few weeks ago. The hockey pools are picked & the long road to the Stanley Cup has started. But a new season started officially today. Yup Garage Sale season is here. The game starts when the local paper arrives Friday night. Game play is set-with marker in hand, map & the classified ads.
Saturday morning- up early- earlier than if I was going to work- something is definitely wrong here. But a XL DD from Tim's fixed that at least temporarily. One garage sale down the street-nothing-consider it a warm-up. Ooops have to stop by the local community centre because the town is giving away free compost. 20 cars are there already at 8 am .everyone watching like little kids as a huge truck dumps the steaming load of compost. three recycle boxes full of compost.
We are back on track-smelling down LEGO!! Hubby was very successful- got 1 box of assorted bits & 2 popular sets in the boxes almost complete with instructions. I wasn't as successful but did get some tiny little ziploc bags & have condensed the bead/button collection into a tidy little pile.
Home by 10am.

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