Friday, April 28, 2006

"Do with me what you will"

Cloth paper scissors magazine had a reader challenge in the Winter 2005 issue. Entitled "do with me what you will" a drawing by the very colourful Violette. I started working on it and missed the January deadline. Around the same time the Twisted Stitchers Guild announced a challenge to be based on a song title. Ok, I could shift gears & use the same piece. The Summer 2006 issue of cps has wonderful examples of how artists took the drawing & flew with it. There are eight more interpretations on the quilting arts website done by students. I think they will appreciate the great art teachers they have as they grown & create. It is a great lesson to learn to articulate about ones own creativity.
I was unable to make the meeting for the song challenge. This piece IS going to be in a challenge even if I make it up myself!! so here it is.......
Guess the song title depicted by my quilt...... I will send the winner 6 fat quarters of fabric. If there is no winner by next week I will give ya a hint!!
And yes it is not finished, needs to be sandwiched & quilted. Hey this is MY contest!! My rules !!
The leaves of the tree are made by using the gleanings from a scarf I made earlier- see Mar 21/06 entry.


Jessica Kennady said...

Hmm, this is a tough challenge, but a really cool quilt!

I thought and thought and thought myself I can't think of any sound that your quilt reminds me of....

Good luck to all -- Jessica in Oregon

Anonymous said...

The quilt is beautiful but I have no idea what the song is!

Good luck to everyone. I will be checking back to see the answer.


Anonymous said...

very nice i like what you did with the challenge pic ,i loved what Violette was doing,the song that came to me was bye bye blackbird,a fun little comp hugs marg

Johoanna said...

What a lovely quilt. The only song that came to mind is "24 blackbirds baked in a pie" but I'm sure that's not it.

Good luck to everyone.
Johoanna in Australia

Caren said...

Nice quilt! I saw the "Do With Me What You Will" results in CPS, too bad you missed the deadline.

I have no idea what song it would be.

Caren Goodrich

Julie said...

Is the bird a blackbird, crow, or raven?

The answer to that may help us out a lot!

Maggie said...

It is a blackbird Julie
hope that helps!!