Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Chicago Quiltshow

Home from 4 days in Chicago. It feels like we were away for a week. We arrived early Thursday morning & headed into the city after checking into the hotel. The transit system runs right out to the airport so it takes over 1/2 an hour to get into downtown. It was incredibly LOUD!! I even purchased earplugs for the trip back to the hotel. We found that trains with more people on them were not nearly as deafening.
One of the first things we noticed about Chicago was how clean the city is. No trash, no graffitti, no garbage anywhere. Even the sidewalks were clean of chewing gum marks. The city was just putting in spring flowers in all the planters. Big boxes of pansies, round containers with daffodil bulbs ready to burst into bloom around a spray of pussy willows.
The Millenium park at the waterfront reminded me of some parks in Paris. Very symmetrical, they even have a stop for the Metra trains the same as the Metro in Paris.

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