Thursday, April 20, 2006

Best of Chicago Show

I really don't know how judges at the largest shows can pick a show favourite. A quilt show like the one in Chicago has nothing but the best of the best. Sometimes a smaller quilt show will have a few to a half dozen of these truly spectacular outstanding quilts. Imagine a huge hall of just those and them having to judge them!! Lukcily I didn't have that job I just got to admire them!!
These are the quilts selected as winners.
The robins was best of show. Wonderful piece especially at this time of year.
It is hard to see the incredible detail in the bedroom quilt by Rachel Wetzler of St. Charles, Illinois. The lamp has fringe, the picture in the frame looks real, flowers on the bedside table. You really can get a sense of the breeze moving through the open window. This was the viewers choice of the show.
The smaller winter scene is called Early River Morning by Bonita Ware of Columbus Ohio. The snowflakes sparkle like little jewels.

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Mary Rose Gurica said...

yes judging is a mystery Iremember when i entered one of my only and first patchwork quilts into the Canadian National Exhibition, i was pleased with an honourable mention but they also gave me a mark of 76%percent,our Dad was still alive while i worked on my quilt tirelessly with his enthusiastic support, later he slept with it in his motorhome,Maggie, where do you get your energy?