Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy New Year again!

Time does fly doesn't it? And is it accelerating or is it just me?
I found this in an altered book I did. I was trying to document my work.

I have to tell you I had very mixed feeling seeing the date.
10 years.
First reaction was what happened to the time?
Second reaction and the one that is most useful is my interests hasn't changed. I may have been making a tote but what I was documenting was my interest in colour, texture and creation.
So my medium of choice may be switching from fabric to paint but the essence, the core element remains.
Many people have resolutions and words of the year. I have decided on several. Two are perennial choices -focus and finish.
That is a topic for another day.
The other is explore. I want to explore various techniques of painting. I'm hoping as I experiment I will find out what interests me the most.
Where I can then take some time to concentrate to develop.
I also want to have FUN.
So my first exploration will be the book by Tracy Verdugo  - Painting Mojo

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