Thursday, December 19, 2013

We made it happen

Do you believe in manifesting your future? Vision boards? Asking the universe for your hearts wishes?
I know it all sounds sort of hoey hockus-pockus but I have experienced it enough in my life to recognize it when it happens.
Where is this going you ask?
Once  I knew we wouldn't get enough votes to win first prize I knew we would win the draw for Canada to get $500US for Annie Sloan products. Heather felt the same way. So when David read the list of winners names to me at work on Dec 13 I thought he was joking. But it really happened.

We won!

Cool eh?
So I've been making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty......
sorry too much Christmas radio.

Making a list of colours I want.

I've had great fun playing with this Paint mixer

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The rest of the reasons.....

The contest is over. We got lots of votes, 178 to be exact. Not enough to win but we had great fun.
So in no particular order here is the rest of the count down.......
I have chairs to paint, I'm afraid to count how many. The latest is a cute vintage stool.
I found a similar one done with a Union Jack.
There are also folding chairs and Windsor back chairs. And I have my eye on these six. I bought them as well as four others yesterday.

I have frames,many frames. Small ones, huge ones
I want to try to make some art with the paints.
I love colour. simple. To sit and mix colours would be heaven. I have a book to alter for that purpose.
I have Christmas gifts to finish. A lingerie chest will be painted with ASCP Graphite and silver foil for accents.
I want to sell furniture. That way I can continue to buy it too. Maybe a pop-up store is in my future!
My daughter would be able to give me an awesome gift.
I will paint her some dining room furniture, maybe she will take some of my chairs!