Monday, August 19, 2013

It has been a while...

What do you say when there is a year between blog posts?
Working, playing, travelling, living life. Life is good.
I now feel I have something interest to blog about as we ....

Bought a cottage a summer home.
I innocently said to David one day " We should by a cottage.  are you out of your freaking mind?" was the response.

We did indeed buy a cottage but the kids said it should be called a summer home. That in a nutshell is the background. Oh one more thing.
It is ours, in that we are paying for it, but it is currently being used as a model by the builder.

So over the next year or two we  I get to scour the thrift stores, pursue the ads, order the catalogs, shop til I drop all in the name of preparing for the day it really becomes ours.
So let the decorating begin!