Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trendtex challenge for CQA

Have you ever finished a piece so fast you don't get a chance to live with it. This was the case with this Trendtex challenge piece for CQA
The challenge is to use the 5 FQ of fabric and the theme 'Roots'. Mine is number 80 in this list of over 100 pieces. It is amazing to see what people will do with the same ingredients. Common themes included root vegetables, family heritage and those nasty roots on our heads. I'm off to do some dying - hair not fabric!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

spring has finally

arrived here. The birds are tweeting are u?
flashes of red as the cardinals fly by, that blur was a hummingbird at the apple blossoms and the robins are busy listening to the earth.
But when is a robin not a robin?
It could be this robin, a wonderful blog. There is such a sense of peace & joy of life in Robin's words.
or it could be these robins spotted in a park in Edinburgh, Scotland -

a much tinier bird than the North American robin with a lovely roundness that makes them a favourite motif at Christmas in the UK.