Monday, May 12, 2008

the trip

I'm not a very good long distance traveller - are we there yet?!
and I'm usually the navigator - I love maps
so It was a long but uneventful day getting here to Columbus Ohio for Nancy Crow's workshop - pinch me, pinch me. (insert BNL's tune here)
I booked a subcompact rental car - last year for QBL I was upgraded to a Sebring convertible this year I got an Impala. I love being upgraded.
left Hamilton my DD in hand at 8 o'clock. crossed into US at 9 at Fort Erie.

way too much math like stuff on this trip. how long does it take to go 183 miles? how many ml to the gallon? oh ya its an American gallon? whose dollar is worth more today? Is gas still more expensive in Canada?
I pay for my gas FIRST? what's up with that - how many litres I mean gallons I mean US gallons at $3.69US does a Impala take when it is almost empty and has 183 miles to go at approximately 118 km/hr??? I decided to start with 40 bucks worth so this exercise proved to me that yes gas is still cheaper in the US cuz I got $1.05 back . US $ now quick what size of coffee can that buy me at Timmy's - don't forget GST & PST.

AUGH!!!!!!!! too much like work. no really I mean MY work. Johnny weighs 63.5 kg and needs azithromycin 50mg/kg on day 1..... etc etc AUGH!!!!!

don't get me started on satellite radio!!!!

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Mel M. M. M. said...

heehee you is the nag-ivator. ;0) You made me cry with your comment about my hands. I miss you madly! Blubber blubber sniff sniff. I owe all my blogging adventures to you: my hip aunt! I had never even heard of a blog 'til you told me about yours. :0) Hope your trip was a blast; make the next one out here! OXOXO meliss