Monday, May 05, 2008

an new adventure

the hotel is booked, the rental car reserved, the rotary blade changed, the sewing machine tuned-up. the stash is washed, ironed & folded. well almost.
Yup I'm almost ready for my trip to Nancy Crow's 1 week improvisational workshop. A seven hour drive for a week of almost endless cutting, sewing, learning and playing with colour. We do get to sleep - that's what the hotel is for! and we get fed & watered regularly so we can keep going into the wee hours of the night. (10:30pm actually)
I'm keeping an open mind - not just for class but for the whole experience. I have had conversations with other people who have taken Nancy's classes. I've heard totally opposite views of the experiences. So that's what you will get here- my view of my experience. That's the best we can expect from anyone.
My expectations - what are my expectations - I know I will and plan on working hard - this I'm looking forward to - I'm often finished an exercise in other classes while others are getting the instructions sorted out - I like working independently within a given framework.
I expect to learn a lot - about myself, about working seriously, about learning to put into words the reasons for my choices. To explain my art.
stay tuned...........

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Robin Ferrier said...

Hi Maggie, I'm going to Nancy's class too! I'll be sending off my machine today! Where will you be staying? I'll be in Baltimore. I hope to meet up with you at the class. I'm not sure but I think there is another blogger who will be attending too! See you soon!


P.S. I've taken two other classes from Nancy and just loved them! She isn't for everybody, but if you are serious about contemporary quiltmaking she is a gem!