Wednesday, June 13, 2007

allium in the garden

the inspiration - wonderful allium in the garden. I wanted to capture them in fabric. was hoping for a loose sketchy rendition. wasn't to be!

Work in progess - a mottled green background, lovely matte woven hand-dyed Italian linen with lovely blobs of mauve that told me where the flowers should go. and the stem is there too. what I didn't see until I cut the linen away was the 'S' in the darker green around the central flower. serendipity or unconscious design decision?!
I added a tiny bit more thread painting to highlight the darker & lighter sides of the flowers.

This is a scan of the final quilted piece. I can see better in the picture a bit of airiness in the center of the flower.

finished piece on the garden table!

back to the garden. the weeds are growing, the grass needs cutting. the poppies are in bloom now.........hmmmmmm!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

playing with stamps

the latest issue of cloth, paper scissors has a great article on embossing velvet with paint. I've tried this before with cotton velvets and it didn't work. I bought a second hand shirt because the colour was mottly muddy green & golds. It embossed really well with acrylic stamps.

Monday, June 04, 2007

punched organza

I love this star. layers of organza punched over cotton. the organza starts to look like angelina and colours mix almost like watercolour. They don't show on the photo but there are tiny flecks of foil on the felt. the spiral was done with the fancy yarn in the bobbin

work fast

I'm trying to work faster. taking less time to mull over decisions. also reduces the chances of abandoning a project in favour of the next great thing!! This was from a book called Quilted Projects from scraps and stash
spend a good portion of the time I had looking for that darn box with the watercolour squares. Can't remember if it was taken away in the great purge! Into the scrap heap, cut 2" squares. wanted to use foil adhesive for the swirls but it takes too long to dry. used 3D fabric paint.