Thursday, October 04, 2007

what I've been doing

I had a wonder trip to France with my SO & his parents. I have a ton of pictures to share but instead of loading them. I've been watching this
thanks Mel!!


Melissa McCarthy said...


:0) Mel

Melissa McCarthy said...

My philosophy on cleaning: :0)

I always feel guilty about getting rid of stuff because of the environment, but then it occurred to me that stuff thrown out would be decomposing better in the landfill Or stuff donated would be enjoyed....instead of it all polluting my immediate environment. Crazy, I know but it makes sense to me. ;0)

I also have a feng shui theory: stuff that sits is using up your energy, even if it's just in the very far reached of your mind that you need to sort it/something.

I got rid of my storage: 9 bags of garbage & a van and a half of donations later! WOOHOOO! OXO mel