Tuesday, July 17, 2007

playing with colour

there are so many great colour toys on the internet. They are great to play with to find a new palette. Take a quiz here to find a palette - don't forget to turn on the speakers. The first time I did it I got Urban Stone. Not me I thought until I remembered my latest & greatest fabric (rust & gold marble-bottom one) by Paula Nadelstern from Bernatex. I'm building my fabric stash for Carol Taylor's class at QBL around this fabric.
Joen Wolfrom has a new book Visual Coloring that is based on just that theory. The photos are breathtaking & the quilts are gorgeous. I find that most of the fabrics are close to solid. I like to use a larger variety of printed fabrics.
You can take any photo of your own upload it here & you will get a colour palette to work with. great fun.

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Melissa M.M.M. said...

I tried this. It was fun. Turns out I am urban stone too. Though when I looked at it, I thought "SO me!"

Thanks for sharing that,