Tuesday, October 10, 2006

sewing tour continues

books. I love books. they have a special place in the sewing room. My father caught the rainbow trout & I like having it keep an eye on me.

more storage

Some people has a hidden home for everything. not me
I like to see my stuff especially when I'm on a roll creating - so I've all my sewing accessories on a peg board. So no lossing the scissors anymore!! that's the plan anyway!

I pick door # 1

what's in your closet? Do you have a little door for a big space? I DID! Blew that door off & look what I found. Tons of storage space outfitted with Ikea wire shelves.
now when I want fabric I can pull out a drawer find what I want and push it back. no more stacks of plastic bins to pull from under the sewing table. I am thrilled with my new storage systems.the plastic tower in between the wire shelves hold thread, fabric paint, crayons, markers, pastels, pencils with room to spare. Remember H. when you & your sister thought going to a store called Solutions was soooooo lame?!! who loves Ikea now?!!!!
The only problem now is I have empty drawers to fill!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006


I had the perfect dyed fabric for this element so no painting. It is built up of layers of fabric coloured with marker & funky glitzy bits like angelina. many more layers to go.

painted fabrics

I can see how this can be addictive - to create your own fabric - to slap some paint on a damp piece of fabric - put it aside to dry & see what colours have mixed & migrated.
The blue/green piece is for quilt U element class - water. beside it are batiks destined to be rocks. It has wonderful fine irridescent paint on it to give it some reflection.
The other piece is quartered & bagged & headed to NYC for a sunset fabric swap hosted by Alma The colours are a littled blurred and light - too much water but not bad for second attempt.