Tuesday, August 29, 2006


how do you waste time?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Memories of Italy

We had many wonderful homemade icecreams when we stayed in Varenna, Italy.
I made a journal quilt to remember those sweet times. The ice cream cone pattern was one I had saved from Quiltmaker's for over 10 years. I just knew I would need it someday.
Someday arrived and I knew the lace from the Fabric-olics swap would make wonderful ice cream scoops. I used acrylic paints with a little fabric medium to get these lovely sherbert colours. As I put the scoops together I thought some beads would make wonderful sprinkles.
'I don't like sprinkles'
'I, you, WE DON'T LIKE SPRINKLES' said my inner child
' ya but they would look good'
right, no problem, no sprinkles - saves a lot of work anyway!
so smarty pants if you are in charge here what kind of cone do YOU want?
not one of those tasteless plain ones I WANT a waffle cone.
right lets go see what we can find
ah here we can use a piece of this paper stuff from Sammy - I love using the same materials in consecutive pieces - a sense of continuity yet totally different use
YA WHAT EVER she sighed
oh no can't use this there's a hole in it
COOL, WE CAN HAVE THE ICE CREAM OOZING OUT THE HOLE .......my inner imp piped up
we'll see......
the tissue wrapping the cone is a piece of stabalizer embroidered with 'Italia' then inked to highlight the words.
and a FQ of a Kaffe Fassett fabric was perfect for the binding .....sprinkles on the side!!
and I STILL bite the bottom of the cone!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ArtChix quiltie

I received my quilt from the ArtChix quilt exchange hosted by Lenna.
I was made by Donna in California. I love the great humour in this little piece. The red checker tablecloth is perfect for a picnic. The ants look so sweet in their ArtChix hats and the cupcake looks good enough to eat. The balloon says Ant Party!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

more from Quilter's playtime

this is from the game tiddly winks in Quilter's playtime by Dianne S. Hire. This one is broken so there are 16 pieces per block allowing for a lot of playing. I love the whole mix. the circles were covered with couched yarn and the straight breaks are ribbon.
Now just to decide on how to finish it. Borders? how wide, what colour?