Friday, July 21, 2006

Marquee Quilt #2

My first series!!
I have another marquee quilt in various stages to use as demo pieces for the guild. We will spend a whole Saturday in September making these tops.
For any guild members who bought fabric at Joyce's recently this is for you.
After washing and before storing those lovely new fabrics consider cutting a few strips for the charity quilts. Cut them selvage to selvage and a variety of widths from 1" to 2 & 1/2". Remember yours don't have to go together we will be sorting the colours at the meeting. The more variety the better!
I like to sort them on a hanger with a cardboard roll it has just enough tack to keep the strips from sliding.
These strips are sewn together to make a strata about 12" wide.

I have 2 rows of the top together. The background blocks are quite a stretch from the solid type I used last time but I like the texture. I have just been careful making sure the pattern runs the same way. My inspiration for the colour scheme was a small photo of a pillow in a magazine that I have misplaced. But it will surface eventually!

I will post additional pictures of putting the block together using chain piecing soon.