Thursday, July 13, 2006

another challenge piece

I made another piece from the 12 swap challenge from the Fabric-olics group. Fancy, shiny sequined fabrics are not something I usually use so it was fun playing with these types of fabric. There was a nice little collection of organzas & chiffons from the packages which were perfect to try a new technique. I bought this book last summer when I was on holiday with Lisa. Lots of techniques to fuel the imagination.
Irregular shapes of sheers & metallics are sewn onto a background - i used felt here but any fabric would do - straight stitch first to tack everything down then cover with fancy stitches. I alternated sewing on the blue then the pink background to minimize thread changes. These are the new fabrics created before cutting into diamonds.
I wanted to create an argyle pattern with the diamonds but they didn't fit within the fancy lines I stitched on the background.

These diamonds can be rearranged endlessly. I know I played for what seemed like hours and finally settled on this pattern which I like better than the original plan.