Sunday, May 07, 2006

mesh tote

I had such fun yesterday helping 4 terrific ladies start & finish their embroidered totes at Joyce's Studio. Each bag is as unique & different as the creator. Ann was the first to finish as usual - so I'm told - she has a very free & colourful style. Bright random flowers and colourful stripes.

Barb's beach is lovely & fresh with the white mesh, simple outline embroidery to match the seashells on the fabric. A hat, sunscreen, sandals & she is ready for the sun.
Sue's butterfly fabric is complimented by the swirl of embroidery done in varigated thread. It looks so much different than on the spool. She did a terrific job and made a gorgeous bag.

Rose made a beautiful bag with blue and pink flowers and a lovely striped accent. It is so nice to see everyone comfortable mixing different patterns of fabric. A variety of scale and textures makes everything so much more interesting. I hope you enjoy your totes ladies. I enjoyed our time together.

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