Sunday, April 23, 2006

work in progress-wreath

I need to finish this class sample before I go on holidays in a few weeks. It is a wreath made with bias strips then miles of yarns. I used up 10 yards of a yummy yarn I got in Chicago from Fabulous Fibers & Embellishments and that was just the last layer of yarn. I need to decide how to embellish it. Had picked out fabric with pinecones & evergreen branches but I think it needs something more from fall than winter. I'm thinking coloured leaves & bittersweet berries.
One of the benefits about blogging about a project other than not working on it is the photo helps to see what is working & what isn't. I love the two batiks for the border but I don't think there is enough contrast with the orange one. I think it should be a bluish green fabric.

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Mel said...

Is that on a pillow? I love the colours.
Where are your holidays? I need to live vicariously. grin. I'm coming for holidays some time in June-ish. Can I come visit? OXOXOXO