Saturday, April 15, 2006

More on Chicago

We spent most of last Saturday in Chicago. Got off CTA at Washingston Station again. Went to Marshall Field's for lunch. One whole floor of the store is restaurants.
We choose The Walnut Room and had a table at the corner window for a great view. The store like many things in Chicago reminded us of Paris.
Then it was on to the Navy Pier. It is wonderful to see cities restoring & revitalizing their waterfront areas. It looks like it would be a very busy place in the summer. There is a wonderful collection of stain glass art including many Tiffany pieces. Maybe I should make a quilt from Natalie & Nancy's book- Landscape Quilts. So many ideas-so little time!!
Then it was off or should I say up the John Hancock Tower. There was a Wedding taking place so we had a bit of a wait for the elevator but it was worth it. Great views.


Mary Rose Gurica said...

All i ever knew about Chicago was that it was called windy city and has theatre, doesn't it?
Iam commenting on all your postings at once , I am so proud of you for excelling in everything you do!
You will make a great Gramdmother....Inagine the cutting and pasting !
All my love and Happy Easter your big Sis, Mary Rose Gurica

Kathie said...

I was really excited to meet Lesley Riley. She's been an idol of mine for a long time. I have the magazine with the instructions too, and I hope to play a lot more with her techniques.