Monday, April 17, 2006


Do you wear an apron? I don't very often unless I'm cooking something special -a holiday meal, a dinner for two. There is something about donning an apron for me- a ritual that signals a beginning. The creation of a feast for the senses. The colours, smells, textures, sounds of working with food. Lettuce tearing, asparagus snapping, bread rising. Wearing an apron makes the food better. I have only one apron- a simple cotton over the neck style. I embroidered a little rooster -Mr. Poulet!! There are great sites for showing off your aprons.
There are some gorgeous aprons available from Domistyle. and anthropologie


Kathie said...

I rebelled against aprons for a long time, mainly because my mother was devoted to her parons and I was rebelling. Then I splashed food on clothes one too many times. I made myself a collection of denim chef aprons and they are pretty cool, if I do say so myself!

Melissa said...

Did you embroider the rooster on your machine? That's incredible.
I have a collection of retro aprons.One is navy and emboidered in white--matches a vintage dress I have. I also have a playful one from Mom with cherries on it. They're all the rage with retro generations (like barbers and cigars). Funny how fashion goes, hey?
The question is what do you wear under your apron, heehee