Tuesday, March 28, 2006

paint chip quilt

Sometimes the best things happen without a plan. I bought a variety of stuff at various thrift stores all a few days apart and they came together to make beautiful art!! Samples of colourful cotton chintz, a roll of black ribbon, someone's collection of white buttons and a vest.

I like how the solid colours look like paint chips. I made the wall hanging for Spot who will be 19 towmorrow. She loved to collect paint chips from the store as a kid. Maybe that is why she is so good at picking paint colours!!

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Maggie said...

Photography by moi!
I am the other half of this creative being. Nice design and work don't you think? Looks fabulous hanging on the wall. Had misgivings about it originally, but the eye in the creator made it come together beautifully and adds warmth to our home.